Black Friday has become such a crazy filled news day of shoppers practically killing one another of electronics and great deals. Here's a list of the most violent stores out there for Black Friday shopping. This list was created by the website "Internet In Your Area".

1) Walmart

There is nothing scarier than a store that is open 24/7, and opens special parts of the store for Black Friday shopping. Walmart has experienced over 60 different incidents total including pepper spraying, stabbings, shootings, and random brawls across the country since 2006. Tis the season for savings. 3 DEATHS have taken place at different locations on Black Friday.


2) Best Buy

I've worked Black Friday at Best Buy, and it was a nightmare. I had to deal with nothing but rude people, trying to "buy Christmas gifts" at a good deal. I had to deal with people pushing, shoving, and demanding more of a product that was sold out. I can honestly say I never have any intentions of ever shopping there on Black Friday, and I'm not the only one. In 2010, a marine was stabbed while trying to subdue a shoplifter fleeing the store.


3) Toys R Us

It's a toy store! It can't be dangerous right? WRONG. Three injuries and two deaths have taken place at Toys R Us on Black Friday in the past few years. In 2008, 2 men shot and killed each other in the store after their wives reportedly got into an argument. Seriously?


This year, here's an idea.... Don't be part of the negative. Try to be positive shopper, and not a killer.