This Summer you might want to get drunk on beer, but you don't want to get a beer belly. Back in the day it didn't matter about calories, especially when it came to beer, but it does now. Can you pull off getting drunk without packing on the pounds?

Sure you can! You'll sacrifice a bit of taste when you reach for light beers, but you can still get a decent buzz.


Our friends at Men's Health have put together this list of healthy beers, and the worst beers out there for calorie counters. Here's the list:

Here's a rundown of the healthiest beers in America:

  1. MGD 64- 64 calories
  2. Beck's Premier Light- 64 calories
  3. Michelob Ultra- 95 calories
  4. Amstel Light- 95 calories
  5. Miller Lite- 96 calories

And, here are the five worst beers for your waistline:

  1. Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Ale- 330 calories
  2. Leinenkugel Berry Weiss- 207 calories
  3. Sam Adams Winter Lager- 200 calories
  4. Budweiser American Ale- 182 calories
  5. Redhook ESB- 179 calories