Men are, for the most part, simple creatures. It doesn't take much to make much to keep us happy. We do have certain things that can happen that make us feel amazing, and we have the list.

Here's a rundown from of the greatest feelings a man can feel:

  • Sex- The obvious one. The human species continues to survive because doing the ol' bump and grind feels so good.
  • Your First Touchdown- Beating 11 guys to the end zone puts you in an elite club. You're on your way to dating cheerleaders and supermodels.
  • Standing Up Against A Bully- Feeling powerless against the taunts of a bully stinks. Standing up for yourself and taking a swing changes you forever.
  • Scoring The Date Of Your Life- Going on a date with a girl you were previously intimidated by is a demonstration of your courage.

What makes you feel good?