With all the drinking games out there, I thought it would be fun invent one for Christmas songs. Here are the 5 songs that I have picked, and what to do when you hear them. Here's the official Christmas Drinking Game. 

1)  White Christmas- Every time you hear this song, drink a White Russian.

2)  Santa Clause Is Coming To Town- When this song plays throw back a few fireball shots in honor of Rudolph's nose.

3)  Christmas Shoes- For this one you want to fill an old shoe with Wild Turkey and drink it down, you'll feel like a heel and wonder why the heck did I do that.

4)  Rockin Around The Christmas Tree- For this song , drink a sex on the beach and follow it up with a Black Russian. You can literally rock around the tree and the world in one night.

5)  The 12 Pains Of Christmas- When this one plays you should do 3 or 4 quick shots of Jagermeister, it can help you forget about things like 12 months of bills, putting up lights, dealing with in-laws and anything else that may be painful at Christmas.

Just remember, when playing this game- be responsible do it at home or at a friends house knowing that you will stay there for the night. We want you to have fun but at the the same time be safe. Enjoy the Holiday Season!