Maybe you're a fan of facial hair, and you're a big fan of beer. For the first time ever, you can combine both of these passions together in one book. Introducing "The Book Of Craft Beerds". This book has over 250 pages of beer labels that all feature facial hair. Bottoms up, let's take a beer break!

Craft Beerds is a well-groomed collection of craft beer labels featuring beards, sideburns and moustaches.

Over 250 pages of killer (and hairy) artwork on labels, bottles and cans from over 100 of your favorite craft breweries. And no doubt many you've yet to discover. Beautifully photographed and grouped into fun themed sections so whenever you pick up the book you always discover something new."

The book will only cost you right around $20.

If you love facial hair and beer, this may be the first book you will read since "Tom Sawyer" in high school.

Beer Break

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