I believe this Christmas was the fourth consecutive "Best Christmas Ever" in my home, if you take the word of my daughter Alivia. She is always a good gauge for the success or failure of Christmas. Alivia not only judges Christmas by her presents but also by the laughter and fun the whole family has. She knows when dad gets a stuffed Plankton that talks from Spongebob Squarepants, he is going to be happy. So it was the best Christmas ever, again!

This year, like many homes in America, we choose to cut back our spending on Christmas presents. Thanks to some well timed sales we still had a good number of presents under the tree. Everyone received at least one present they were extremely excited about. Which of course my wife, who always plays Santa in our family, hands out last. I thought for sure my 7-year-old son Isaiah wasn't going to make it to the end!  Poor kid was going to burst by the end of the opening of the presents. However, he got the one gift he has asked for, for several months, and he proudly proclaimed, "This is the best Christmas Ever!" You can't argue with the joy and happiness of your children!

I hope your Christmas was the best Christmas ever and that the New Year will bring you health, peace and prosperity!