Would you pay $30 to rent a movie? What if it was a movie that was just released in theaters?  I would. It would actually save me money. To take my whole family to the movies, complete with popcorn and soda, it costs me about $80. Needless to say we don't very often. Here is how the $30 movie rental works:

If you’ve ever wanted to see a new movie but hate going to the theater, Hollywood has just the thing for you. In late April you’ll be able to stream new releases in the comfort of your own home – for $30 a pop. The video-on-demand program is called Home Premiere, and so far Warner Bros., Sony, Universal and 20th Century Fox are the first major film studios to sign up. Fearful of increased piracy, Paramount declined. Roll-out titles include Warner Bros.’ Liam Neeson film “Unknown,” and Sony’s Adam Sandler comedy, “Just Go With It.” DirecTV will offer Home Premiere to its nearly 20 million customers nationwide, while Comcast and VUDU, at first, will unveil it only in select markets. Movies will appear on Home Premiere “two months after their theatrical bows for a viewing period of two to three days, depending on the distributor.”