Do you think the world could use more happiness? I know that I sure do! Research proves that when your brain functions at a positive level, it performs 31% better than it does at neutral or negative! Interesting right? This is what is called the happiness advantage!

By:Christopher Furlong/Getty Images News

Yesterday, I stumbled upon the 21 Day Happiness Challenge on Twitter and I thought it was such an interesting idea. Logically we know that happiness is a choice. We are in control over our thoughts and reactions. However; we often lose that awareness when life throws us those unexpected curve-balls.

The purpose of this challenge is quite simple: to regain and promote optimism and happiness by committing to doing the following five things each day for 21 days. The beauty is, these tasks are powerful enough to make a difference, yet not so difficult that it becomes daunting!

This challenge is hardly time consuming, and can really change your way of thinking. Who wants to join me? Let's do this!

*Written by TSM intern: Allison*

  • 1

    Journal 3 Specific Things You're Grateful For

    Writing can be so cathartic and can really soothe the soul. By documenting 3 specific things that you are grateful for each day, you are rewiring your brain to look for the positive - no matter what the situation!

  • 2

    Record 1 Positive Experience Per Day

    Have you ever found yourself dwelling on negative or extremely embarrassing events from the past? It's the worst right?! Well, let's change that. Instead, focus on one positive memory per day. That will help your brain relieve that positive experience and cause the same feelings of happiness and joy.

  • 3

    Random Acts of Kindness

    This is by far my favorite task on the list! I love showing people kindness. It makes me happy and (hopefully) makes the other person happy as well! Create a Kindness Kit for someone, post a positive thought on your social media accounts, compliment someone, pay it forward. There are all different and creative ways to spread sunshine around. Don't hesitate - just do it!

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    Nothing can release endorphins quite like getting up and moving around! Exercise is such a powerful way to boost your mood. Do a different type every day, but be sure not to burn yourself out. Yoga, stretching, whatever your preference may be,  take 10-20 minutes each day and treat yourself to feeling good!

  • 5


    It is so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of every day life. We're constantly rushing around to accomplish tasks that we hardly have time to breathe sometimes. That's not healthy and that certainly does not make us happy! By taking time each day to meditate will help to bring you back to the present, will allow you to focus, and give you the relaxation that you need and deserve.