This survey was taken recently, and I was actually quite amazed at how accurate it seemed to be.  Me, I’m not quite there yet, but I can certainly imagine much of this hitting the nail right on the head.  This survey of people over the age of 50, talks about regrets of career choice, bad relationships, not paying more attention to their health, not maintaining relationships with friends, and of course kicker, being frivolous with their money.

The survey, listed on a British travel site,, here are some of the biggest regrets that people over 50 have.  Take heed!  It may not be too late for you to correct some of these if they pertain to you.

1)   How much of the world/country did you actually see?

2.)  72% regret their career choice.  Do you love your job?  Be honest.

3.)  64% would like to take back some bad relationship choices.  I quote Freddy Mercury…”And bad mistakes…I’ve made a few”.

4.)  55% wish they'd taken better care of their bodies.  It’s not too late to fix this.  Start exercising, start eating better, put down those cigarettes!

5.)  53% are sorry they lost touch with friends.  Isn’t this why we have facebook.  Retouch with some old friends.

6.)  46% wish they'd been more careful with their money.

7.)  27% regret having children too early.

8.)  25% think they worried about things too much.

9.)  19% wish they'd been more of a "yes" person.

10.)  8% regret having children too late.

You know, we can look at our regrets, but ultimately, what good does it do us?  The best thing we can do at this point is press on, live your life to the fullest.  Maybe make a pact with yourself…No more regrets!