Ok, we've all seen and tasted the "normal" size cannoli, as pictured here.  Now imagine one weighing  123 pounds!  That weighs about as much as my teenager, soaking wet.  I like mine with a cold glass of milk.  Can I get the rest of it to go?  Honey, clear out the fridge, It's going to be occupied for awhile.  Only in New York, right?

In Newburgh, New York, it's official: Giulio Pistolesi and Scott Wilkinson have made the world's largest cannoli! We're talking 123-pounds of cannoli that was created in the parking lot outside Pistolesi's bakery, the Cake Bin. The Guinness folks were on hand to make it official and it's actually the first time a record for this particular food item has been claimed. Pistolesi said, "We're very excited here, and we hope the certificate gets here soon."