Target did a couple of teaser reunion shows last year and this year they're BACK with six more! Four of those are public and you can come to one or all in that nine day window before the Hilton Head portion of the band heads back to South Carolina...

  • August 5 - Saint Francis Club, Frankfort - 7p
  • August 8 - Danielle's Banquet House, New Hartford - 8p
  • August 9 - The Beeches, Rome - 7:30p
  • August 14 - FX Matt Brewery, Utica (Saranac Thrus) - 7p

Here's Brian Raehm, the bass player of the band with more details and some fun band history as well as a 41st anniversary airing of their single 'Give Me One More Chance' that hasn't been heard over the air in our town in decades! The song airs at (timestamp)



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