If you weren't already worried about how accessible your Facebook profile information is, this short horror movie will totally creep you out to the MAX. This freaky lesson in the illusion of privacy on the internet doesn't work properly unless you allow the 'Take This Lollipop' app to access your Facebook profile. Head right to the link and again, this scare doesn't work unless you temporarily allow access to your Facebook profile. Go ahead. Click the Button. THEN come back to this page and read on...


The concept developed from director Jason Zada's attraction to horror films from his youth, his wish to do something serious within that genre, his experience as a digital editor, and his understanding that people place their personal information on the internet for anyone to find. He decided to create a project that would "get under people's skin without any gore or anything",and that would underscore its point by making it about the viewer in a quite personal manner.

So parents, take note if your kids are on Facebook, they're not as safe as you might feel! Every high school, middle school and college everywhere she add this as required viewing in their safety education... Read more about this eye-opening project here.

It bears mentioning that the director who did this, Jason Zada also created the whole 'Elf Yourself' interactive videos that were a hit these last couple of Christmases.