Whenever I hear the term RV, I think of that scene from "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" when cousin Eddie parks his wheels in Clark's driveway and says, "Now that there is an RV'. A lot of people vacation and see the country in an RV, and now there's an incredibly expensive one on the market.

According to a "BoldRide" article by Keith Griffin on yahoo.com:

"Not all rides need to be powerful to be bold. Some are bold just for their design and, in the case of one RV that recently sold in Dubai, for being the world’s most expensive.

That’s the claim being made for the 40-foot-long eleMMent Palazzo, from Austrian company Marchi Mobile. It sold for a purported asking price of $3 million. That is somewhat understandable considering its outside is supposedly covered in gold."

Watch this for an up-close look: