Finland Crowns a New ‘Wife-Carrying’ Champion
Ah, leave it to the Finns and their bizarre contests to make you scratch your head in wonder. This Northern European country, which is home to the Air Guitar World Championship, the Mosquito Swatting Championships and the Swamp Soccer Championships (just to name a few), is also the proud creator of …
The History of Rock Guitar Told in 12 Minutes
Everybody who has ever pulled out a guitar at a party to impress people can stop now. The ultimate guitar trick has been achieved by Alex Chadwick, an employee at the Chicago Music Exchange, who tore through 100 rock guitar riffs in the span of a 12-minute video.
Attention Everyone– Epic Girl Fight!
On an episode of the legendary sitcom ‘Seinfeld,’ Elaine asked Jerry what men find so appealing about cat fights. ”Because men think if women are grabbing and clawing at each other there’s a chance they might somehow kiss,&CloseCu…
Confused Dog
I saw this video and I just had to share.  This dog sees the family cat on the laptop in a video, and then becomes quite confused because he then sees the cat live.  He doesn't know what to think.  He appears to be absolutely perplexed!  Take a look and enjoy...

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