Men Spend More When Women Are Scarce
Single men who perceive a shortage of available women are more likely to drain their bank accounts in an effort to make themselves appear more attractive to the fairer sex, according to new research on competition in the dating world.
Things Men Don’t Need To Know About Women
Men always say that when it comes to women, the more you try to figure them out, the less you actually figure them out. I have to say I agree with this to some degree. While guys do have a desire to know as much as they can about women, the truth is, not everything about them is really worth learnin…
Women Say They Only Look Good For 2 Hours A Day
Even after spending all that time getting ready, working women say their beauty starts to fade at 10:03am. According to a new study by The Leather SkinKind the average woman spends 38 minutes getting herself ready and leaves the house for work around 7:40am looking and feeling her best...
Woman Juggles Five Basketballs With Hands and Feet [VIDEO]
While juggling five basketballs would be quite difficult for the layman, it’s a trick any self-respecting clown should have in his arsenal.
Juggling five basketball with your hands and feet, however, is an almost infinitely more difficult task, and one that acrobat Sely…
Weird Things That Women Are Attracted To
What makes men attractive to women? Most of us think we know the answer to this question, But you may be surprised that some of the things guys try to cover up or get rid that women are attracted to.
How To Tell If A Woman Really Wants To Kiss You
Unless you were born with ability to read minds, understanding what a women is thinking can be, at best, very difficult. The problem is compounded when you're trying to decide when is the appropriate time to go for that first kiss. Well men take heart, there may not be an app for that, but there is …
New Study Proves Women Like Men In Hot Cars
Researchers at the University of Texas at San Antonio have proven, scientificaly, women like guys who drive hot cars! While most of us know instinctively that a woman is more likely to leave the bar with the guy in a Porche rather than a Geo, the reason is less about money and more about &q…

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