Have You Ever Heard Of The Ghost Ship The SS Ourang Medan?
Now we’ve all heard of ghost stories in Central New York dealing with the Oriskany Battlefield, and some of the haunted houses throughout the region. Have you ever heard of a ghost ship? Have you ever heard of the SS Ourang Medan? It’s a pretty creepy story if you ha…
The Worst Cover Of Bryan Adams Ever
When a man loves a woman he will do what ever it takes to impress her. You get a feeling inside of you can’t control. That’s when you know its love. You would even consider embarrassing yourself all over the world by singing a cover of Bryan Adams, and butchering it.
Big Brother 14- Week 5 Live Eviction Results
Another live episode, another houseguest down. Last night we got to take a look into the life of Joe, which my respect has gone up a little. Apparently he isn’t that loud in real life. Let’s dive into it, the biggest Big Brother content on the web.
Did A UFO Crash In Mattydale New York In 1954?
Have you ever thought you’ve seen a UFO? Many studies suggest that 1 out of 10 Americans have claimed to have seen a UFO. Many think the government is covering up important knowledge of sightings, abductions, and crashes. Many believe that the United States Government is covering up the Roswell cras…

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