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Brazilian Guy Shows Up at His Own Wake
Funerals are like those Lifetime movie marathons our women watch -- we hate them so much that a sturdy kick in the balls would be better than sitting through one. Unless of course said funeral is amped up with a couple of funeral strippers, in which case, awesome. Other than that, what else could po…
10 of the Strangest Cars Ever Made
These strange beasts aren’t custom cars built in someone’s garage. The plans for the odd looking motor vehicles featured here were actually drawn up by automobile manufacturers, for the most part, and put together on some kind of assembly line. The actual number produ…
Kids Who Actually Need A Mohawk
As I look around at some kids today with their mohawk haircuts, I have to continually remind myself that these are not my kids.  Well, this is the Mohawk Valley, Ha!  Oh, read on.
Man Busted For DWI On Wal-Mart Scooter
Last week, police in Houma , Louisiana arrested a suspect for allegedly driving a stolen Walmart mobility scooter while drunk and using it to tow a friend on a wheelchair.
Chopsticks Made In The U.S.A A Hit In China
Quick, besides a Bic pen, name an item made in America. Would you believe chopsticks? Ask someone in China to name something made in the U.S.A and they just might say the chopsticks they are eating with! The Georgia Chopsticks Company is making a million chopsticks a day (without lead)!

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