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The 5 Most Outrageous Cake Dives Ever [VIDEOS]
The 'cake dive' is catching on a bridal shows all around America. What's a cake dive? A way for bakers to show off their works and the brides get a chance to compete for bridal show prizes by diving in to the cakes.  Here are 5 crazy cake dive videos we found...
Meet BatDad [VIDEO]
Christian Bale's Batman voice is either to love or to hate and he most likely needed vocal therapy after talking like that all of the time! Either way, he's inspired many to emulate him and to poke fun at him too and this dad decided to put a unique spin on it!
Watch A Guy Propose While Tandem Wake Surfing
Now I thought I'd heard it all, people proposing while skydiving or with flash mobs, but I guess nobody thought to propose on a tandem wake board, until now. Matthew got down on one knee (took some talent) before his girlfriend Brynn while they were moving

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