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6 Reasons Why Clinton, N.Y. is a Great Place to Live
Central New York is a great place to live. Do you agree? There are so many things that make this area great--art, history, schools, food...just to name a few. If you zoom in a little bit on that map of central New York, you will notice Clinton--a little village with a population of around 1,900. It&…
Clinton, New York: A Village of Art
For a small village in Central New York with just over 1,900 residents, Clinton has a lot going on. And if art is what interests you, you could spend a whole day exploring all the stores selling local art and the galleries featuring local artists. If you like art and are looking for something to do,…
Celebrate Clinton Art & Music Festival Saturday
One of the events I look forward to in late summer in central New York is the Clinton Art & Music Festival, and it's going on this Saturday. The Village of Clinton offers a pleasant setting for live music, artworks, food and fun.
Historic Markers in Clinton [UPDATE]
We've all seen them while driving--those blue and yellow signs about history. We usually rush by without reading them (I know I do). Clinton has many of these historic markers scattered throughout the village. I decided to find them all and actually read them. Here they are. If I missed one in …
6 Free Things to Do in Clinton
Let's face it, it can be difficult to go on vacation. Everything is so expensive. So, I decided to help you take a vacation without actually leaving. Here are six things you can do in the Village of Clinton that don't cost money.