Expect Traffic Delays Today On The Arterial
After yesterday afternoon's accident involving tractor trailers on the North-South Arterial in New Hartford, today cleanup will resume of the 100 gallons of fuel that was spilled on the highway. Expect delays this morning, and possibly through the whole day.
3 Amazing Myths From Utica Topix
If you live in Central New York, you might have heard of Topix. It's a website where people can share stories, gossip on different topics, and of course, hide their identities while doing it. Generally the site is full of fake rumors, ridiculous stories, and bizarre stories. Occasionally people shar…
How To Find Hidden Treasure Scattered All Over Utica
Have you ever wanted to go on a treasure hunt but discovered you aren't a pirate, and there isn't really treasure around Central New York? You aren't doing your treasure hunting right. There is hidden treasure scattered all over Utica, Rome, and Central New York. Keep in mind, that tr…
An Inside Look at the Utica Zoo for National Zoo Day
Why not celebrate National Zoo Day by heading to the Utica Zoo? We talked with Mike Beck at the zoo about the most popular exhibits, and something you have to see during your visit, especially if you haven't been to the zoo in the last year or two.
Coloring Book Devoted To Utica Love
Do you love coloring books? We're talking about adult coloring books - you really can lose yourself in all the detail of a good coloring sheet. So what happens when you combine that love with the love of all things Utica?

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