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‘Doctor Who’ Superfan Turns Entire Room Into TARDIS
For the almost-50 years that the UK's iconic 'Doctor Who' has existed in the realm of the public consciousness, perhaps no token has proved as recognizable, or enduring as The Doctor's legendary method of travel, his blue police box the TARDIS. The good Doctor could certainly not have achieved such …
‘Waterworld’ TV Series for Syfy? Let’s Hope So
Though it may seem like a distant memory, a forgotten relic of the 1990s and laughable portent of big-budget studio epics gone awry, few remember that Kevin Costner's post-apocalyptic 'Waterworld' was considered ambitious in its time. Nearly 20 years later, could it be time for a return to 'Waterwor…
‘Hawaii Five-0′ Is Just Straight-Up Remaking Episodes Now
By now, the world audience understands the rules of a reboot. One can pay gentle homage to past iterations, while crafting a new and unique vision of the source material. You certainly never remake something shot for shot in the vein of Gus Van Sant's take on 'Psycho,' but it seems CBS' 'Hawaii Five…
WCNY-TV To Air Hurricane Sandy Documentary
We've all been concerned about the devastation and recovery efforts from Hurricane Sandy two weeks ago. Now, a special Nova documentary will be broadcast on PBS and aired locally on WCNY-TV, Sunday, November 18th.

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