Old Toys That Are Worth A Small Fortune This Christmas
Tis the season for toy shopping, and of course Santa Claus bringing the best gifts on Christmas. Some of those gifts from Yesteryear, are worth a fortune nowadays. Here's a list of some of those toys you probably played with a ton, and now you can cash in.
Buy Your Very Own Zombie Army Men
How are you coping without The Walking Dead on Sunday's? Maybe you are just watching reruns still and you aren't like the rest of us, going through major withdraws. If you need some help getting through your workday, try putting these on your desk. Introducing Zombie Army Men, they are lik…
Etch A Sketch Inventor Dies at Age 86
Andre Cassagnes, the man responsible for inventing the venerable Etch A Sketch, a toy that inspired countless children ever since it was introduced in 1960, has died at age 86 in France.
Furby Throughout The Years- Facts About Furby
In 1998 a strange creature emerged from the shadows at the American International Toy Fair. The creature looked to be a cross between a hamster and an owl. This new creature was dubbed, “The Furby”. Furby just turned 15 and boy is this creature still going. Here's a …
10 Weird Fad Toys Every Kid Had to Have for Christmas
You can always spot a parent around the holiday season. Their hair is a frazzled mesh of cow licks and stray strands as if it’s been pulled by a crowd of frantic people. Their eyes dart around in all directions desperately seeking something that could suddenly appear at a moment&Clos…

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