the police

Andy Summers Introduces New Band
The debut album by former Police guitarist Andy Summers' new band, Circa Zero, is recorded and mastered. But they're still trying to decide how, and with whom, to release the record, even though they played their first show last month in Los Angeles.
Sting Announces 2013 ‘Back To Bass’ Tour
There's no orchestra this time, and nary a lute to be found. For the third consecutive year -- possibly a record for him -- Sting has realized that he's at his best when fronting a rock band. The singer announced dates for the 2013 version of the Back to Bass tour he's been on since 2…
‘Creeper’ Cop Caught on Dash Cam
Remember that scene in Super Troopers where Mac beats his meat to a billboard ad featuring a woman’s ruby red lips? He used his radar gun to measure how fast he could choke it. Well, that happened in real life when Santa Fe police officer Mike Eiskant forgot his dash cam was on and w…

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