Listen To The Radio More, TV Is Ending Your Life
Got your attention?? I love watching TV just as much as anybody, but a recent study says that for every hour of TV that you watch, you lose 22 minutes off of your life, which believe it or not puts it right on par with smoking and obesity!
ScreenJunkies Presents 8 Idiotic TV Shows About Men
If you’ve paid any attention to the media over the past few decades (lord knows we’ve tried to avoid it) you probably noticed that they think every guy in the world is a drooling moron. The joke is on them because only about 76% of us are morons. The rest of us are si…
‘The Walking Dead’s’ Best Kills
Killing zombies is a problem. A TV show about zombies has to kill the undead every week in new and inventive ways.  It would be easy for writers to get lazy about penning cool ways for zombies to die. Again.

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