Mighty Taco Coming To Syracuse
An iconic Buffalo fast food restaurant chain Mighty Taco is making it's comeback to Central New York. Mighty Taco is coming to Cicero in the Syracuse area January of 2016.
Price Chopper Issues Recall On Taco Cheese
I know it isn’t the healthiest thing, but I love having my tacos with extra cheese. When I say extra, I mean loaded with cheese. It’s the best part other than adding salsa right? Well if you shop at Price Chopper for your Taco Cheese you better be careful.
Grasshopper Tacos Are Off The Menu
Okay, yesterday cicada ice cream, today grasshopper tacos.  What will it be tomorrow, chocolate covered ants?  Oh wait, those do exist.  Where are these knuckleheads coming from and what ever possessed them to try such a thing?  Is there a beef or chicken shortage all of a sudden?  "Hey Steve, …