Best Ways To Make Your July 4th Weekend Safer
One of the best weekends of the summer is 4th of July weekend. While celebrating our nation's birthday Americans partake in fun activities including barbecues, camping, swimming, and of course fireworks. Whether you're grilling, enjoying a backyard or camp fire, or setting off fireworks safety is al…
One Of The Best ‘Swimming Holes’ Is In Upstate New York
Swimming holes.  When you hear those two words together,  your first thought is a hidden lake or pond somewhere that probably has a lonely tree beside it with a long branch that reaches so far out over the lake.  That branch probably has many ropes tied to it over the years, for the s…
Are You Applying Sun Screen The Wrong Way?
I really hate this goopy stuff.  I really do.  If I could do without it, I absolutely would.  But unfortunately, I can't, that is if I want to spend any time in the sun at all.  Hey, I'm not Dracula.  I love being in the sun.

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