Fiery Footage: Man Plunges Into Crater of Volcano
It takes an exceptionally brave man to plunge down into the crater of a volcano. And you have to wonder a little about his sanity if he does so just to grab some cool footage and a better view of a lake filled with swirling molten lava.
Guy Leaps Speeding Minibike in Single Bound [VIDEO]
One man risks serious injury to his groin and other delicate areas by jumping over a speeding minibike heading straight toward him. Perhaps the most notable thing about the video, however, is how silly his accomplice looks driving around on the tiny two-wheeler. Watch a potentially dangerous minibik…
Red Bull Flugtag Teams Attempt to Fly in Death-Defying Stunts [VIDEO]
At the 2011 Red Bull Flugtag competition, teams attempted to fly a variety of homemade gliders, including a giant beer stein, a cell phone, a pirate ship, a pink bra and even the DeLorean from ‘Back to the Future.’
It takes a special kind of person to build a contraption that probably won’t fly, then…
Is This For Real?
Here you see a team of German engineers with quite an elaborate moderation of the children's toy the "Slip-n-Slide". As you will see, the slider slides down the giant slide, onto a ramp, and vaults several feet into a small pool. With all of the video editing technology thes…