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This Guy McFlipped Out
A man from Gresham , Washington was arrested on Sunday after allegedly flipping out when a McDonald's employee messed up his order.
Possibly Dumbest Cop Ever
You'll be happy to know that the dumbest cop ever works for Britain and not America .  While on patrol in Worcestershire, an officer called in a report of a "suspicious bright light" at a popular scenic lookout point.
Bagel Head Is A New Craze. Wait, What?
Ok, I can get by the piercing and the tattoos, and it took me a while to through the branding and scarring, but it appears our Japanese friends have started a bizarre new trend in body art-- known as the "bagel head!"
DUI On Horseback?
Not only does Kentucky have the most famous horse race in the world, they also will give you a DUI for being drunk on a horse!
Epic Car Theft Fail
In New Castle, Delaware, 30-year-old Donald Smith was arrested for stealing his own truck! Police were called to the Stop-N-Go Auto shop after a 1999 Chevrolet Silverado pickup went missing.
The King’s Bible
A bible which once belonged to Elvis Presley and contains his handwritten notes and thoughts has sold for $94,600 at an auction in England.
Kids Who Actually Need A Mohawk
As I look around at some kids today with their mohawk haircuts, I have to continually remind myself that these are not my kids.  Well, this is the Mohawk Valley, Ha!  Oh, read on.

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