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I Sentence You To Thanksgiving
More creative sentencing in the news today. This time from Judge Frank Forchione inCanton,Ohio, who ordered 46-year-old Valerie Rodgers to make a Thanksgiving dinner as part of her punishment for knocking over a police officer.
How Much Did You Spend On Halloween?
Well the final tallies are in for Halloween 2012 and according to the National Retail Federation, the average American spent $79.82 per person this year on the spooky celebration.
Say Goodbye To “Pants On The Ground”
Authorities in Cocoa, Florida have made it official: with a 3-1 vote Tuesday evening, they've made it illegal to wear clothing that shows undies -- or more -- thanks to waistbands or belts drooping three inches below the waistline.
Sheep Herding Reaches New Level
For some reason, whenever I think of shepherds, I can't help but envision a guy with a beard, wrapped in a long flowing robe and holding a tall pole with a hook.

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