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Strange News – Sorry Guys, Women Know!
Bad news for the guys. According to a new Australian study in the journal Biology Letters, women appear to have the ability to decipher with some accuracy whether an unfamiliar male is cheating simply by looking at his face!
Strange News – Shaving Cream….With Bacon?
First, there was Bacon Salt. Then there was Baconnaise. Even Burger King came out with the Bacon ice cream sundae. Now the two guys who started the bacon craze are launching a new product, Bacon Shaving Cream.
Strange News – Jesus Is My Co-Pilot
A Florida woman tried an interesting excuse after a cop busted her for driving upwards of 100 miles per hour in a 30-mile-an-hour zone last week: Jesus made her do it.
Strange News – Meanwhile…In Seattle
It would seem that in Seattle, the loss of one's Dr. Pepper is considered a serious injury. Reading from a recent police dispatch blog-- a man was punched in the eye during a robbery in the University District and the robber took a $20 bill and the victim's six-pack of Dr. Pepper.
Santa’s Not So Grand Entrance
At the Broad Street Mall in Reading, England, a large crowd had gathered for the arrival of Santa -- or as they say across the pond -- Father Christmas.

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