Best Ballpark Food [VIDEO]
PLAY BALL!!! When you hear that it's also time to scope out the menu at the ballpark. It's not just peanuts popcorn and cracker jacks any more. Our taste buds have evolved. We now crave foot long corn dogs, 8lb burgers and a grilled cheese with 9 different kinds of cheese.
MLB Weekly Report: Marlins Park Opens Wednesday [VIDEO]
After Seattle and Oakland began the 2012 season with a split of a two-game series in Japan last week, Major League Baseball is ready for all of its teams to begin play this week. Opening Day for the 2012 season is Wednesday, when the world champion St. Louis Cardinals face the new look and newly-nam…
The 5 Sports Stadiums with the Wackiest Attractions
Owners of sports franchises are always trying to find new ways to lure people to the game. Comerica Park in Detroit, for example, has both a carousel and a Ferris wheel to entertain young fans who might not be able to — or willing to — sit through an entire nine-inning game.