st. patricks day

Let’s Learn How To Make Irish Coffee [VIDEO]
Yes I'm a Irish girl. I think McMullen is a Irish name (lol). I make the corned beef and cabbage 3 or 4 times a year. I love it. However, I have never tried Irish coffee let alone make it. I'm going to this weekend. It will be rainy and snowy so I think it's the perfect time.
Irish Toasts, Blessings And Proverbs
Happy St. Patrick's Day! With a name like McShea, I'm a wee bit Irish. My dear old dad used to say this about St. Patrick's Day, "There are two kinds of Irish, those that are, and those that want to be". With the wearin' of the green today, we need a few Irish t…
Happy St. Patrick’s Day [Video]
Today we celebrate St. Patrick's Day, and with a name like McShea, I'm 'wearin of the green' today. Beyond parades, shamrocks and green beer, just who was St. Patrick?
In Honor Of St. Patrick’s Day, Trudy’s 5 Favorite U2 Songs
Happy Saint Patrick's Day!  In honor of this day and all things Irish, I'm spotlighting one of my most favorite bands, U2.  This Irish band, which hails from Dublin,  has been a worldwide success for years.  They have so many terrific songs but if I had to pick my top f…
10 Lucky Movie Quotes for St. Patrick’s Day
St. Patrick's Day brings out the superstitious side in all of us. Though it doesn't get the same love in cinema that other high-profile holidays receive, Hollywood does have a rich tradition of crediting "Lady Luck" for certain milestones and achievements. Here are 10 &am…
Corned Beef And Cabbage Made Easy [VIDEO]
It will be the "wearing of the green" in the McShea household for sure on St. Patrick's Day, and there just might be an Irish dish on the table. The traditional fare for St. Pat's is corned beef and cabbage. My father used to make it better than anyone, and although I don…

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