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The Top 10 CNY Sports Stories EVER! Remember Mark Lemke?
I started collecting baseball cards as a boy and kept getting a card by this Mark Lemke guy whenever I eagerly opened pack after pack of '89 Donruss... Little did I know at the time that he was a hometown boy and it figures that I caught him at the end of his career already, but here's the…
The Top 10 Central New York Sports Stories… Ever! [SERIES]
Given that the football season is almost in full-swing, it brings to mind the rich sports heritage that we have here in the Mohawk Valley and beyond, and not just locally but also in what we've provided to the national sports community as well, from lending our athletes to erecting a plet…
Sports Records That Will Be Hard To Break
Brett Favre, once again, reportedly has submitted his retirement papers to the NFL league offices. Which means he's officially done playing football…until next year. What are some of his records that may never be broken?