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Sports Movie of the Week — ‘Hoop Dreams’ [VIDEO]
The NCAA Division I men’s basketball tournament begins this week with millions of college basketball fans cheering on hundreds of college basketball players in what has become a national spectacle. Arguably, all of the hoopla surrounding the tournament begins to take shape in high schools, as the mo…
Sports Movie of the Week — ‘Hoosiers’ [VIDEO]
When the NCAA Division I men’s basketball tournament selection process is completed at the end of this week, the nation’s attention will turn to March Madness and the multi-week playoff process that eventually crowns a national champion.
Sports Movie of the Week — ‘The Rookie’ [VIDEO]
Much to the delight of baseball fans, Major League Baseball players have started spring training in preparation for the 2012 season. While many players under contract are assured of a spot in a team’s organization, others are fighting to make enough of an impact to make a team. If pl…
Sports Movie of the Week — ‘Days of Thunder’ [VIDEO]
Millions will watch when NASCAR’s 2012 racing season begins Sunday with the Daytona 500 (1 p.m. ET on Fox). The stock car racing circuit has grown tremendously over the past 30 years, fueled by dizzying speeds, charismatic drivers and owners, and rivalries that gave the sport drama.
Sports Movie of the Week — ‘Moneyball’ [VIDEO]
This coming weekend marks the start of Major League Baseball’s spring training period. By this time next month, spring training games in both Florida and Arizona will fill the schedule, as baseball fans stir with renewed hope for the 2012 season.
Sports Movie of the Week — ‘Black Sunday’ [VIDEO]
The Super Bowl is consistently the highest-rated television program of the year. Regardless of the participating teams, the game draws the attention of many Americans, as well as international viewers.
Authorities have often cautioned that the same massive global audience that brings advertisers to t…
Sports Movie of the Week — ‘Youngblood’ [VIDEO]
The NHL All-Star Game is scheduled for this Sunday afternoon in Ottawa, Canada. In areas of northern US and Canada, the popularity of the sport is unmatched, as kids grow up in a culture that sometimes revolves around the Canadian Junior Hockey League.
Sports Movie of the Week — ‘Jerry Maguire’ [VIDEO]
With the NFL playoffs heading to the championship round this weekend, players on the teams that remain alive have the opportunity to showcase their talents on a national stage. Sports agents are undoubtedly recording every pass, run, catch and tackle to build the cases for their clients to receive a…
Sports Movie of the Week — ‘Remember the Titans’ [VIDEO]
After throwing an 80-yard touchdown pass on the first play of overtime in the Broncos playoff win over the Steelers on Sunday, Tim Tebow once again became an emerging storyline in the NFL. While Denver’s miraculous record of success this season has often been attributed solely to Tebow, the Broncos …
Sports Movie of the Week — ‘Invincible’ [VIDEO]
The NFL postseason begins this week with wild card games on Saturday and Sunday. More than ever, early-round NFL playoff games seem to be decided because of the performance, or gaffes, of role players and no-name athletes thrust into a game-changing situation. It’s a reminder that NFL teams are made…
Sports Movie of the Week — ‘The Program’ [VIDEO]
While the NFL’s regular season ends this coming weekend, college football is nearly two weeks into its parade of postseason bowls that now stretches well past New Year’s Day. For football-crazy schools, the bowl appearance is the must-have at the end of every season to prove that the program is succ…

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