Crystal Pepsi Has Returned to Stores in Central New York
Remember Crystal Pepsi from The 1990s? Well, it has made its way back on to store shelves in Central New York, but will only be around for a limited time. We had people around the office give it a try. Many people reacted the same, thinking it was Sprite, or watered down 7-Up. No doubt the color of …
Share A Coke Tour To Visit Sangertown Square
Do you like to find the Coke bottle with your name on it? Or maybe, find a Coke bottle with a friends name on it and share it with them? That's what the "Share A Coke" campaign has been all about, and it's coming to Sangertown Square mall.
Caffeine – We Knew It Wasn’t Good For You
Hey, remember when you were a kid and you would ask your mom or dad for a sip of their coffee and you always would get the reply “It will stunt your growth”?  Usually all it took to get us off the coffee kick as kids was that first sip of hot black tar with no sugar …
Make Your Own Soda With Soda Stream
These type of machines have actually been around for years.  My friend had one when I was a kid and we used to pester his mother to let us have more soda.  I don't remember what it was called, but essentially it was the same idea, you were shooting Co2 into regular tap water and addin…

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