The 10 Most Cringeworthy Team Songs in Sports History [VIDEOS]
Athletes carry an aura of invincibility that seems to make their fans think that just because they can jump high, run like lightning or throw a ball the length of a small subdivision, that means they can do just about anything. This leads to the music industry automatically assuming that they can al…
Soccer Voted Number Three Sport In The U.S.
Here in America, this time of the year we only care about one sport, Football. Baseball of course comes in at number two, but what are some other sports we care about? While the rest of the world views this as number one, it’s number three to us stuck up Americans.
Elderly Soccer Fan Attacks Ref With His Scooter [VIDEO]
The legendary passion of the European soccer fan isn’t just for the young, apparently.
This aged spectator at a Dutch Second Division (minor league) match was so irate that the ref had showed the home team six yellow cards in a four-to-three loss that he stormed the pitch with his mobility scooter an…
Real Madrid Soccer Club Signs 7-Year-Old Boy
We’ve all heard stories about how athletes are recruited at younger and younger ages by college teams, but Real Madrid, the professional and well-known Spanish soccer club, has gone a step beyond that.
The team has signed a seven-year-old boy from Argentina. That’s rig…