Do Women Need More Sleep Than Men?
So, who typically hits the snooze button at your house?  Me, I hit it once in the morning.  That is it. Any more and I’m just torturing myself.  I know I need to get up, no use prolonging the inevitable, right?
Married Couples Sleeping Apart
The marital bed, once considered a symbol of holy matrimony, is on its way out. The National Sleep Foundation says nearly 25% of married couples in the United States now sleep in separate beds. They aren't the only organization noticing the change...
Sleep Deprived Teens Cause More Trouble
Very few people would argue that it's tough to be a teenager. It seems like nowadays there is a lot of stress on kids to succeed. Enough stress to have teens lose sleep, and in return, these kids cause trouble.
Sleep-Deprived Brains Can Go ‘Off-Line’
Be good to your brain and get your sleep! Have you ever felt like a zombie after a night with little or no sleep? Now we know why. Some regions of the brain can take a quick nap even when we’re awake, leading to mistakes and errors in our performance, researchers say...