Cazenovia Man Paralyzed In Skiing Accident
A tragic skiing accident has left a Cazenovia man paralyzed. Barclay Talbot broke his neck and lower spine after something went horribly wrong during a ski jump at Cazenovia Ski Club, leaving him paralyzed from the waist down. It was the same jump he made successfully just days before.
Man Skis Through Abandoned 5-Story Alaskan Building
Two dudes found an abandoned five-story building in Whittier, Alaska. Like anyone would, they decided to take high quality video of one of them skiing down the cramped stairwells of the building and post it to Vimeo. You just have to click below to watch it:
The skier is Logan Imlach, while the video…
9 Mistakes Every Guy Makes Their First Time Skiing
1. Wearing The Wrong Clothes
Leave your bib ski pants, Charlotte Hornets Starter jackets, and florescent onsies in the box in your parents’ basement where they belong. If you haven’t skied since before your testicles descended, it’s probably time to upd…