5 Items You Should Include On Your Back To School Shopping
Everyone will tell you about picking up extra pens and folders while back to school shopping. Will people tell you to pick up extra things that will help make your school day flow much better? Here's 5 items our Intern Josh suggests to add to your back to school shopping list.
2 Central New York Schools Are Best in the State
As graduation ceremonies take place, did your child attend the best school New York has to offer? 2 of the top 100 schools in upstate New York are in our backyard. The Buffalo Business First magazine choose the best of the best from 431 school districts and 2 central New York schools made the top 15…
Young Boy Suspended For Bringing the “One Ring” to School
Forged in the fires of Mount Doom, the Ring of Power was stripped from the hand of Sauron following the final battle with the Last Alliance and became of a keepsake of Prince Isildur. Now corrupted by the One Ring, Isildur fell in battle, losing the ring to the river. From there, “Isildur…
What To Ask Your Kids’ Teachers
Ok, school has been back in for a couple of weeks now and we are getting ready for open house at Westmoreland Road Elementary.  Here is our chance to speak with our kids' teachers face to face and not through email.

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