What In The World Is Crispy Cornell Chicken?
Following our rant over the New York Times naming Cornell Chicken as the main dish of Syracuse, it got us wondering: What in the world is Cornell Chicken? It's actually a pretty common dish/recipe here in Upstate New York.
Make Your Own Utica Pusties
Of all the signature Utica foods, "pusties" are definitely the sweetest! We have some of the best pastry shops in the area and most of them serve up their version of the "pasticciotti", but what if you wanted to make your own at home?
Utica Greens Recipe From An “Outsider”
We stumbled across this great recipe for Utica Greens. But it turns out this guy doesn't even live here! It looks like he might actually be from the area originally. Either way, he's giving love for our Utica Greens from afar.
Vote for Utica Man’s Recipe in Barilla Pasta Contest
Alex Handzel of Utica has many passions, but one of the biggest is cooking. He prides himself on creating unique dishes and perfecting the classics. That is why he was thrilled to submit his recipe to the Barilla Pasta contest to showcase his region. Vote for his dish to give him and amazing trip.
Award Winning Chocolate Covered Mint Oreo Balls Recipe [VIDEO]
The 2015 Gourmet Guys to the Rescue event to benefit The Rescue Mission of Utica was a huge success! Not only was the turnout fantastic, the food incredible, but Big Frog 104 took home first place in the Desserts category. With my girlfriend's amazing Chocolate Covered Mint Oreo Balls recipe, w…
Easy Way to Make Roasted Red Peppers at Home [VIDEO]
Do you love the taste of roasted red peppers but can only get it at a restaurant? Now you can roast them at home. Many people will roast red peppers in the oven, but that doesn't really give the same flavor as the method in this video. All you need is an open flame!
How To Make Apple Pie On The Rocks
Thanksgiving is right around the corner. You already have the recipes you're using on your turkey, pies, and of course other desserts. What about mixed drinks? Here's a really simple recipe to turn apple pie into a cocktail.

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