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Homeschooling – A Mistake Or A Necessity?
With the launch of the Common Core back in September causing an uproar among teachers, students and parents alike, this question is likely a more plausible one for many than it was before. To homeschool or not?
School Bans Musical Because Elvis’ Lyrics Are Too Sexual
Nearly forty years after his death, Elvis Presley is still getting some parents in Utah “All Shook Up” over lyrics they say are too sexual for students to perform in their high school musical. The complaints that ultimately led the school administration to ban the product…
Out-Of-Date Food Found At Massachusetts Schools
As a student, I often questioned the "material" that littered my lunch tray. Now you know when it comes to food I am not very picky. I really enjoy food. However there were days when I would reach for the "safe" peanut butter and jelly sandwhich over the "mystery meat" …