The World’s Toughest Job – Do You Have What It Takes?
If you saw an a job listing for Director of Operations for a company whose requirements included managing at least a dozen projects at once with no breaks, being on call 24/7 while putting in a 90+ hour work week with increased workload on holidays, no paid vacation, no health insurance, no dental a…
Giorgio Loves Sonic – A Fast Food Serenade
We've all driven up to a drive thru window more times than we count and overall it's a pretty mundane experience for both us and the attendant. Well, this time one guy, Giorgio pulled out his guitar and decided to make the attendant's day at Sonic by singing his order to her.
Boyfriend Cheating Prank Backfires [VIDEO]
Karma can bite you in the behind.  This boyfriend decided to prank his girlfriend while on their 5th anniversary in Aruba. Little did he know, she realized something was up and decided to prank him back.

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