plastic surgery

Plastic Fork Removed From Man’s Stomach After 10 Years
In the U.K., a 40-year-old man recently had a plastic fork surgically removed from his stomach after swallowing it. That’s bad enough, but when you consider that he ingested the item a decade ago, the story reaches all new levels of weird. We’ll never look at cutlery …
Woman Begs for Boob Job Cash
Patience may be a virtue, but honesty could get you a new set of boobs. At least that’s the theory being espoused by an Ohio chick standing on busy streets begging passersby for breast-implant money.
Plastic Surgery For Men On The Rise
Ever look in the mirror and go I got a face for radio? Well if you’re a guy you may be able to change that face! According to a new survey, plastic surgery procedures for men are on the rise. So it might not be too weird to get that nose touched up right?