Red Velvet Oreo Shakes Are At Burger King
I’m that guy that typically gets excited when restaurants offer new items.  Although, I probably shouldn’t be that guy because it usually means too many calories for me and that just never turns out well.
How To Make Alcoholic Oreos
Looking to have some Super Bowl desserts that stand out to everyone for years to come? Why not try making alcoholic Oreos? These will be all the "buzz" at your party.
Honey, They Shrunk Our… Snacks?!?
Remember walking in to your old elementary school and sitting at your desk and somehow not being able to fit?  Obviously there's an easy explanation for that, you're twice as tall as you were in the 5th grade, but how do you explain looking at that Little Debbie package in your hand and thinking, di…
Oreo Celebrates Gay Pride With Rainbow-Colored Cookie
Cookie favorite Oreo signaled its support for gay rights this week by posting a picture of its iconic cookie with rainbow-colored cream on Facebook. The photo immediately drew a firestorm of controversy, with some supporting the gay pride image, while others loudly condemned it.
5 Delicious Facts On Oreos On Oreos 100th Birthday
It's been a part of the American snack scene officially for a century. Today marks the 100th birthday for the Oreo cookie. According to Wikipedia, the Oreo was developed and produced by Nabisco in New York City in 1912 and was originally known as the “Oreo Biscuit”. …