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Remember Controversial Yankees-Royals Pine Tar Game? [VIDEO]
If you follow baseball like I do, you may recall the so-called "Pine Tar Game between the Kansas City Royals and the New York Yankees in 1983. A controversial call about too much pine tar on Royals' George Brett's bat caused umpires to throw out a two-run homer and cost KC the game. But, on thi…
Yankee Fans Will Love ‘The Closer’
If you're a  New York Yankees fan, you know who "The Closer" is. But, did you know it's the name of a new book written by the all-time greatest Yankee closer, Mariano Rivera? With Derek Jeter finishing his last season this year, and Rivera retiring last year, this mi…
Here’s To Baseball From Budweiser
Beer and Major League Baseball have had a long love affair, and the honeymoon isn't over. Maybe you've seen the billboards entitled, "Here's To Baseball" from Budweiser beer. And, if you've been shopping for beer lately, you may have seen some of these.

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