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Fireman Ed Done Cheering For The New York Jets
The New York Jets leading mascot Ed Anzalone aka Fireman Ed announced Sunday that he was retiring from his routine. Now one would think it's because the Jets are just terrible this season, but in fact it's because of other reasons.
New York Jets vs St. Louis Rams- Week 11 Game Preview
The New York Jets are on the verge of losing four consecutive games for the first time since dropping six straight in 2007. Much of the blame this season falls on Mark Sanchez. When everyone in the world is yelling for him to be benched, Coach Rex Ryan is keeping him in. Now our Coach has the task o…
New York Jets vs Seattle Seahawks- Week 9 Game Preview
After one of the most disappointing first halves of a season of football for New York Jets fans, the Gang Green are hoping to come out of their bye week with much improved game play. Here's our game preview for the Jets Vs the Seahawks for Week 9 of the NFL.
Miami Dolphins vs. New York Jets Game Preview
The New York Jets are in big trouble. How can we regroup after a brutal loss to Tom Brady and the Patriots? It doesn't help that the Dolphins are coming off a bye week so they will be at full strength. We will need to come up with some sort of game plan.
Mark Sanchez Blows Another Game For The Jets
Should any New York Jets fan truly be surprised by the outcome of last nights game? I love how a lot of sportscasters were proud of how the Jets played, well I'm not. Maybe I'm being a jerk but it's seriously time to get ride of Mark Sanchez.
New York Jets Game Highlights From October 9th- Week 6
The Houston Texans remain unbeaten after beating the New York Jets for the first time in team history, 23-17, on Monday night football. Good news for The Texans: they now join the Atlanta Falcons as the NFL's only teams without a loss this season. Bad news for the Jets: we still play Mark Sanch…
The New York Jets vs The Houston Texans- Week 5 Game Preview
Want to know what my predictions are for the New York Jets and the rest of the season? To quote the great Bill Murray “I'll give you a prediction. It's gonna be cold, it's gonna be gray, and it's gonna last you the rest of your life.” Now the season may not last the rest of your life, but it's sure …

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