new years resolutions

Phrases That May Change Your Life In 2015
Maybe you made some New Year's resolutions the other night, and maybe not. But, I like to begin a new year with some positive thoughts, and here are some phrases you can say in 2015 that may do just that.
Check Out Unusual New Year’s Resolutions
We're all familiar with the usual New Year's resolutions: lose weight, get in shape, quit smoking, cut down on drinking, etc. And while all of those are good intentions, there are some unusual resolutions people can make.
Oldiez 96.1 New Years Resolutions For 2013
For many today is the first work day of 2013. Maybe today you are discussing “New Years Resolutions” with fellow co-workers. Maybe some of you have already broken your resolutions, and that's ok. We are here to promise you we will continue with our resolutions all ye…
Resolutions Men Should Make
Since of course New Year's many of us have set some new goals for the new year. According to, here's a rundown of some New Year's Resolutions ALL guys should make: