Pepsi Releasing Pepsi Perfect
Back to the Future fans get ready to quench your thirst. In honor of Marty McFly's trip to October of 2015 from the movie Back To The Future II, Pepsi is releasing a limited number of "Pepsi Perfect".
Is There a New Movie Theater Coming to Utica?
Is there a new movie theater coming to Utica? With all the growth in Downtown Utica and The Bagg’s Square area, it seems only fitting that a movie theater would be the next big step. Frank Dragotto is from Ilion and wants to make this a reality!
‘Goonies’ House Now Closed to Fans
The owner, Sandi Preston, was fine with the attention as long as it was civilized. At times during the summer there would be more than 1,000 people a day taking pictures of her house, sometimes she would even give them a tour. As the crowds grew so did the problems...
The Zoolander 2 Or ‘2oolander’ Teaser
If you went to the movies this weekend then you may have seen the first teaser trailer for Zoolander 2. Paramount Pictures released the official version online today and Derek Zoolander is still ridiculously good looking.

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