10 Sad ‘Futurama’ GIFs in Honor of the Series Finale
Well, 'Futurama' is over. The final episode aired last night. We...don't feel great about it. But why use words to describe our feelings, when we could use moving pictures. No, not videos -- GIFs! These sad GIFs from 'Futurama' sum up our feelings on the end of the beloved a…
Top Cat-Bearding Memes
Last year it was "Tard" the Grumpy Cat blowing up all over the internet, could this be this year's cat meme craze? It's called 'Cat Bearding' and it's the illusion of when your cat's nose and mouth become yours!
Memes Of The Day – Titanic II (2) Is Coming In 2016
No, we're not talking about Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet reprising their roles in an epic James Cameron Titanic sequel (how would you DO that anyway?), we're talking about the REAL thing! Billionaire Clive Palmer has some extra cash burning a hole in his pocket (hopefully that's…
How the Internet is Reacting to Playstation 4
So this video does a pretty good job of summing up the PS4 press conference yesterday, if you didn't have several hours to spend watching streaming video about a new gaming console. Some people are excited. Others are underwhelmed. Still others are making memes, because this is the internet, an…
Grumpy Cat Beatles Memes- Turd Hates Everything
Usually I'm not one to write a lot about Memes, but this did catch my eye. The Grumpy Cat Turd is back, and he truly hates the Beatles. I don't understand why, but he's like a grumpy old person who hates everything. Here are the top Grumpy Cat Beatles Memes on the web.