Beatles, Led Zeppelin Featured in New Mash-Up
Mash-ups - the art of taking elements of two or more songs and creating something new out of them - are a hit-or-miss proposition. Too often the songs don't match up musically in an attempt to create an interesting or ironic juxtaposition.
‘Reading Rainbow’ Gets Awesome YouTube Remix
Hundreds of children have grown up watching LeVar Burton on the PBS show 'Reading Rainbow' and learned to love reading, thanks to Burton's positive teachings. He implored children all across America to read and use their imagination, as it would take them to the heights of the moon an…
2012 Movie Trailer Mashup: Is This the Most Epic Trailer Yet?
Some of the best 2012 movie trailers are counted legitimately among the year's most talked about moments -- they're right up there with the Presidential Election! They're the perfect combinations of dramatic music, the most visually arresting scenes and, of course, thrilling dialogue; and for some, …